The wife of an old friend of mine is having her first art exhibition in Canada (she’s from Mexico). I just took a look at the exhibit via the web and I am blown away by her work. It is exquisite!

I have told Peter that I am going to start a savings fund so that I might one day be able to purchase one of her pieces. Wow!!

This is one of my favourites. It’s titled To Nilaya (Nilaya I believe means ‘adobe in the sky’, or heaven.)


One thought on “Wow!

  1. Amazing. This is the piece that sold immediately at the show. Two other people told me it was their favourite. I told this to the buyer – who is a bit of a collector – and he instantly said “too late!” He knew what he liked.

    The US customer also wanted this one. Too late. ;-]

    Ironically Lulú really struggled with this painting and it went through many transformations before it reached this final form.


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