Wild and Making No Apologies For It

I’m not much for carefully tended flower gardens. Give me wild and overgrown any day. I also prefer my gardens to be full of wildflowers; not cultivated ones. Wildflowers offer no apology for what they are nor do they pretend to be something they’re not. They don’t make unreasonable demands of me. In fact, they thrive quite nicely without me, thank you very much. And their beauty, in my eyes, far surpasses anything found in the florist shops.

Hmmm. Come to think of it, the above qualities are all things I like in people too.

But back to my garden. The flowers are just starting to show themselves. This week it’s wild roses, wild geraniums, languid ladies, alpine poppies, wild lupins, forget-me-nots, yellow cinquefoil and some kind of fuchsia coloured plant (I think it’s a member of the pea family). Next will come the wild irises, wild delphiniums, yarrow, fireweed, daisies, wild asters and a few others too that I used to be able to identify but have since forgotten.

Here are a couple of shots from one of my backyard gardens. In posting these, I realized they show lots of foliage but few flowers. I’ll do better next time! And yes, in spite of what I just wrote, I did break down and buy a few violas for an extra bit of early colour.


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