Buns of Steel

No need to waste money on the video…just walking around this city, with its steep hills, should be enough to give anyone hard rock buns and thighs!

This morning I made an early start of it. After breakfast, I packed a sandwich and a couple of bottles of water and headed up Signal Hill – UP being the operative word. It was well worth the hike though….amazing views of the city, the harbour and beyond. I think there may have been some whales out there too…at least I saw a boat racing to a site and then it stopped and just sat there. But what with the fog rolling in, I couldn’t be sure.

I stopped at the Battery on the way up, with its narrow windy road and now upscale houses (it used to be the poor part of town). Coincidently, later on in the day I went to The Rooms – a museum, art gallery and archives all in one – and they had an exhibit on The Battery and how it has changed over the years. Really interesting stuff.

Here are a few photos taken from Signal Hill.

Overlooking St. John’s Harbour

The Narrows

Fife and drum band at practice.


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