Got a Minute? Find a Job.

Job-seeking sure isn’t the angst-ridden exercise it used to be, at least not in this part of the world. Iris decided (with some gentle pressure from Mom and Dad) to get a second part time job. After all, she’s going to need all the money she can get her hands on over the next few years. So she updated her resume, got some cover letters together, and planned to drop them off at several places around town today.

Since she and I were getting together for lunch anyway, I volunteered to drive her to the various restaurants and hotels at which she wanted to apply. First stop was a pizza/pasta place. She ran in and within a minute she was back in the car, telling me that she had a job, working cash, three afternoons a week, starting on Monday. The manager didn’t even look at her resume.

Such is the job situation in Whitehorse….businesses are crying out for employees. The booming economy has meant lots of students go for high paying jobs with drilling, construction or mining companies. It’s forced places that would normally pay not much more than minimum wage to increase their salaries – Tim Horton’s for example is rumoured to pay $17 an hour to start. And, as Iris learned today, the only qualifications a person appears to need to find work are that he/she is warm and breathing.


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