Hidden Treasures

I am in the midst of painting my bedroom. I’m doing it in stages….first the closets, and then the main part of the room. I tackled the biggest job – Joe’s closet – first.

Poor Joe….I really do tend to bug him about getting rid of some of his ‘stuff’. His closet is bulging to the point where you can barely close the door. However, I am feeling a bit sheepish about my nagging at the moment, because among the dozens of pairs of jeans that go back 20 years, and the boxes and boxes of hunting paraphernalia, there are some choice treasures. I’ve found two of his old high school year books, a document written by one of his cousins that details his Nanna’s life (only the good bits though – Nanna was never one to rake up all the bad stuff from her past: what would be the point?) and a Father’s Day note from a three-year old Jamie. It was in my handwriting but I well remember him dictating it to me. It read:

To Daddy,

I like your nose. I like you because you go golfing. You and I like to do burps.

Love, Jamie

Hidden treasures indeed!


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