The Dempster Part Two: Watch for the Signs

The signs tell a large part of the story of the Dempster. Then of course there are the signs that I didn’t take photos of, identifying place names like Grizzly Creek, Wolf Creek and Two Moose Lake…telling in themselves. Wildlife is everywhere. We saw a cow moose, another cow moose with calf, a coyote with a rabbit in its mouth (breakfast), several other rabbits, and lots of different types of birds.
Just to give you a bit of a history lesson, the Dempster was built starting in the late 1950s, once oil and gas was discovered in the Beaufort Sea region. It was conceived as the first of the ‘Roads to Resources’ proposed by John Diefenbaker. The Liberals poo-pooed the idea, calling it the road from igloo to igloo, but construction went ahead nonetheless. It was named after Inspector William John Duncan ‘Jack’ Dempster of the Royal Northwest Mounted Police. His name might ring a bell: he led the search party for the famous ‘Lost Patrol’.

Cow moose and calf, running up the road. Sorry this is blurry – I had to grab my camera and snap quickly before they ran into the woods.

One of many flocks of ducks we saw


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