Back Home

I’m back in the Yukon, after spending the last few days in Toronto for Susan’s funeral. I am so very glad I went….my brother was in pretty rough shape and I think he really appreciated the support.

It was a very sad two or three days…I kept hearing Susan’s distinctive laugh in my head and looking around for her. It always took me a split second to realize she wasn’t there. A short time later, the same thing would happen. It’s like I was constantly having to remind myself that she was gone. I still can’t believe I will never hear that wonderful laugh again.

The funeral, as funerals go, was quite lovely. Roy hired a string quartet to play before the service, and at the end Roy performed with them: he wrote a piece for Susan called China Doll. It was incredibly and achingly beautiful.

I spoke on behalf of the family. I talked about Susan’s smile, her generosity and giving nature, and her ability to make the best Chinese food ever. I told some funny stories and talked about some of the good times we had had together. But the message I really wanted to leave with people was that Susan was all about love and giving and service to others, and it was now up to us to carry on in that way on behalf of her.

Martin also spoke, and while he had a similar message, he had a much more powerful way of expressing himself. He said that his mom had taught him about unconditional love – that’s what she gave him and Jeremy and Roy. He said the world needs all of us to live our lives with unconditional love as the basis for everything we do. He said the world needs more heroes like his mom. I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house when he was finished.


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