Remedy for a Funk

I have to admit being in a bit of a funk over the last few days. I think a whole lot of things have come together to cause me to have this wobble: Susan’s death, the fact that my Dad isn’t well, some rough times for a number of people around me, and the precarious state of the world in general. I fear so much for our planet’s survival.

One thing that sustains me though is seeing or hearing a beautiful work of art. It reminds me that if humans have it in us to create something of such beauty and positive power, then we have it in us to find a way of bringing peace and salvation to our world.

It was in this frame of mind that, on arriving home, I found this year’s ArtsNet Guide in my mailbox. ArtsNet is an annual publication that outlines the upcoming arts events in Whitehorse. Here are just a few highlights, with links so you can read more about them if you wish: The Gryphon Trio’s Constantinople, Margie Gillis’ A Stone’s Poem, Juan Martin’s Flamenco Ensemble, Black Umfolosi, Winter Harp, BC Ballet, and many many more. And what’s great is that for most of them, tickets are far below the price charged in major cities: $25 for adults, and only $5 for Jamie (they’re trying to attract more teenagers to the arts).

That’s a pretty sure cure for a funk, wouldn’t you say?

One thought on “Remedy for a Funk

  1. Thank God for art! And thank God for artists everywhere. It isn’t easy being an artist and I have to remember to appreciate them for persevering.


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