I imagine that the airport security folks must get a chuckle when they x-ray my luggage. The souvenirs that I bring back from my trips almost always include food and rocks. Here’s a rundown of the treasures that I brought back with me this time:
-rocks from Scots Bay (my collection of Scots Bay perfectly round rocks is becoming quite impressive, I must say)
-dragon’s eye tea from Chinatown
-dried soldier beans and Jacob’s cattle beans (for making soups and old fashioned baked beans) and fresh shell beans for making succotash
Gravenstein apples: once you’ve had a pie made with these, you’ll never be satisfied with anything else. However, these are ‘summer’ apples – they don’t store over the winter – which is why you’ll rarely see them in a grocery store unless you live in an apple belt like the Annapolis Valley. My friend Ellen (of the Stirling Fruit Farms family) was appalled that I can’t get this apple in the Yukon. Ellen is a master baker who has won awards for her apple desserts. You must try her recipe for apple dumplings!


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