Simple Satisfaction

I had one of those ‘I got a lot done!’ week-ends. Nothing terribly exciting; pretty mundane domestic stuff in fact, but satisfying nonetheless.

The big job was cleaning out Iris’ room. I washed clothes, packed things up in boxes, and started painting. But apart from that, I dug up the rest of the carrots (I have a good 20 pound sack of them in my front porch), made an apple torte for a potluck we went to on Saturday night, taught my first piano classes of the season, got up early on Sunday morning and made blueberry pancakes for the brood, went cranberry picking, made a yummy dinner (if I do say so myself) of roast organic chicken, roasted garden veggies and apple pie made with the apples I brought back from N.S., made chicken soup with the leftover carcass, and collapsed into bed by 9:30 last night. Phew!


One thought on “Simple Satisfaction

  1. I put the apples you so generously spared me out of your precious stash into an apple crumble. You were right, they’re amazing. I read all the links on your blog and so I know about where they come from – and Ellen’s wonderful recipes. Mmmm!


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