Last Night’s Dream

I haven’t been sleeping well since I’ve come back from N.S. and haven’t been remembering my dreams. However last night’s was one of those crystal clear dreams that you can’t get out of your head. Jamie and I were visiting my Dad’s house (now my house) in N.S. I don’t know where I’d been, but I’d been out very late. I came back to the house and saw that it was bathed in a beautiful blue light, both inside and out.

I walked in the door, noticing that there was a lot of paper stuffed into the door frame of the front porch, almost as if it were being used for insulation against the cold. Inside, I saw my Dad. He looked as he had when I was growing up: tall, straight backed, with auburn hair and mustache. I don’t recall him saying anything to me: he was just walking around the house not doing any obvious task. I remember thinking how good he looked.

I saw the clock – 5 a.m. I thought, “No wonder I’m tired and my contacts are bothering me! It’s very late!”

I noticed three dogs in the house: two little ones (one black and one a midnight blue colour) and an older dog. The older one was Dad’s; the other two he was looking after for another relative (my brother perhaps?) I spent some time patting the blue dog and marvelling at its colour.

Then Joe’s Uncle Dave and Aunt Barb were there. She said to me, “Remember you were asking me where we came up with our meals? Well, here’s my secret.” She showed me a couple of those commercially-prepared frozen dinners. They were high end ones, but nonetheless they were a disappointment to me.

I was about to go down into the basement to go to bed (there was a bedroom down there that Jamie and I were sharing) when Jamie came up to me. He had a towel on his head, and two rolled up towels in his hands. He started to unwrap the rolled up towels, and each had one of his shoes in it. I became uncomfortable, thinking he was going to put on those shoes and go out. I asked him where he was going all alone at this time of the night. He wouldn’t answer, and I realized he was just teasing me and he wasn’t planning on going anywhere.

That’s when I woke up.


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