Guess it Pays Off

All the years I was growing up, my dad had a routine he would follow each morning. It would involve drinking a cup of hot water, doing 100 push-ups and sit-ups, and standing on his head for 5-10 minutes. Then he’d eat a wholesome breakfast – usually All-Bran or Red River Cereal, followed by farm eggs, bacon that he’d had smoked himself, and mom’s whole wheat bread. Then he’d raid his vast collection of herbal supplements…he would send away to the States for them. Remember, this was at a time when, in rural N.S. anyway, most people hadn’t heard of herbal anything.

Yes, Dad always had great respect for his body and treated it well. And now it seems it’s paying off. Even though he’s been given no liquids since he was admitted to hospital on Sunday (no point in prolonging things since he’s brain dead and will never recover), his heart continues to strongly beat on its own and he continues to breathe on his own. The doctors are shaking their heads in amazement, since they figure he should have died three days ago.

While I wait to hear news from my brothers, I’ve been sorting through old photos, collecting some for the memorial service. Here are just a few. Sorry, some of them didn’t scan very well for some reason.

Mom and Dad on their wedding day

Me and my dad

Off on a road trip

Haying time on the farm

A Hunter S. Thompson look-alike

One thought on “Guess it Pays Off

  1. I can see the kids in both your parents. I don’t know why it never occurred to me that I might. I never knew these tidbits about your dad. What an interesting guy. Now I see where you get it from!


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