Once Upon a Time Long, Long Ago…

I don’t remember how long it was after I moved to Toronto to attend school that I made my first trip to Kensington Market. What I do remember was how blown away I was by it all…the colours, the smells, the strange (to me) food, and the fact that you could find so many different cultures in such a small area.

I also don’t recall the first time I had a Jamaican patty from the Patty Palace. But I do know I was convinced from that very first bite that this was indeed food for the Gods. I became addicted to those patties. When Lucca and I lived in the Market I ate them almost every day. Every once in a while I would go out on a limb and try the competitors’ wares, but for me, none of them could hold a candle to the Patty Palace.

Sadly, the place is no longer there. Now when I go, I must satisfy myself with patties from the Patty King. They’re OK. In fact they’re more than OK. But as with any memory food, the original can never really be replicated.

So thank you Ted, for sending me this photo from all those many years ago. While it may have been a simple gesture on your part, the photo elicited many happy memories. What a wonderful gift!


One thought on “Once Upon a Time Long, Long Ago…

  1. I had forgotten about the Pattie Palace but not the patties. The pastry was almost orange, although I’m still not sure what made them that way – and the insides were delicious. Thank you Ted for the reminder!


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