Memory Tree

Boy, I really am on a ‘memory’ kick, aren’t I? Nonetheless, I wanted to introduce you to our tree. Every ornament has a memory attached to it, or it doesn’t get to have a place on the tree. I’m posting photos of a few of them:

1) dough heart: made the year the four of us (Jamie wasn’t born yet; Alan was 3 and Iris 18 months) lived in Toronto while Joe worked on his Masters. Money was tight, so we made most of the ornaments. This is one of the few that survived.

2) elf: made by one of the women who takes part in our Advent Garden celebration each year. I loved it, and the following year made a number of them myself for friends.

3) papier mache bell: purchased in India and carried in my backpack over the Anapurnas in Nepal.

4) kitchen angel: accompanied a cookbook of special recipes that Lucca built for me during the 12 Days of Christmas. Seen close by is one of the many Nutcrackers that Iris has received over the years from all her roles in the ballet. She received that one the year she was Clara.

5) Alan’s reindeer, made during a decoration making evening at his elementary school. We’d go every year when the kids were young, bringing back a whole bag of delights each time.

6) Christmas in Newfoundland, from my friend Ted…

7) and Christmas in Australia, from my friend Faye.

8) cork reindeer, made for me by one of my piano students. Again, I stole the idea and made a whole herd of these one year for friends.

9) Iris’ feather angel, another of the ornaments made during decoration making night at her school.

10) Jamie’s “J”, made out of playdough in kindergarten. It’s gotten broken several times, but each year we patch it back together and hang it on the tree.


2 thoughts on “Memory Tree

  1. Hey Janet, here’s a song to accompany your post. Look for “This Christmas” in the track list at A New Kind of Light.

    Actually you should listen to her intro in the track before. “[Jill intros her song]”

    I didn’t know Jill Barber before I posted this concert. I’m a total sucker for her romanticism.

    The whole concert’s great.

    Merry Christmas


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