Taking the No Complaint Challenge

You may have heard about the movement to go 21 days without gripping or complaining. It’s something that was started by a minister in Kansas City. People wear purple wristbands, and every time they complain about something they have to switch their band from one wrist to the other. It’s a way of bringing attention to their grumbling, and hopefully stop or at least reduce it.

This small gesture, started in one church, has really taken off. Apparently the church has received requests for more than 300,000 wristbands from people all over the world.

Of course this isn’t meant to stop people from raising valid concerns and issues. Rather, it’s to address all the snipping, gossiping, and general grumbling that creates so much unncessary bad energy.

Yesterday, in a particularly foul mood, I found myself in a place I didn’t want to be, behaving like a person I didn’t care for one bit. So I’ve decided to take the 21 day challenge. Actually, I’ll be happy if I can get through one day without complaining. If I manage that, then I’ll set my sites on longer periods of time. Wish me luck!


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