Travel Plans

I have been playing travel agent today. First, a flight for myself to Victoria in late March/early April. I’m taking a one week course at the University of Victoria on how to create museum displays (this to help me with my job of running the fishladder). Next, Iris’ flight home in early April. She told me she wanted to get home ‘as soon as possible’. That of course won’t stop her from running out the door as soon as she gets here, but nevertheless…

Then a flight for Lucca to come visit me in early May (a birthday present that’s almost a year late!). And finally (I haven’t booked this one but only checked into prices) I have promised to fly down to Vancouver with Jamie in mid-May so he can go see a rock concert he’s been begging to attend, IF he shows Joe and I that he’s putting in real effort at school this term. So far so good. Alan and his friends are also going to be there, so they can look after him at the concert itself, but I didn’t think it was fair to put Alan in sole charge of Jamie for the whole week-end.

I’ll just get back from that and it will be time to fly to Nova Scotia to scatter my dad’s ashes.

Thank goodness for travel points and seat sales!


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