Technology is Amazing!

It might be because he plays bagpipes, or maybe because he’s a hunter. Genetics might have something to do with it too. Whatever the cause, Joe learned several weeks ago that he needed hearing aids in both ears.

My image of a hearing aid was that it would be a big beige clunker of a thing that’s almost larger than the ear itself. I was blown away when I saw what Joe came home with yesterday. These things are teenie tiny. The part that goes in the ear is a clear material with a miniscule attachment behind the ear. I wouldn’t have noticed he was wearing them at all had I not seen the box sitting on his night table.

They come with a remote control and can be set for specific situations. For instance, there’s one setting for listening to music. There’s another setting if you’re outdoors and want to hear every little sound of nature. They have a limiter for sudden loud noises (like the sound of a gun going off). Amazing!

Joe needs to go back every couple of weeks to have them ‘turned up’ bit by bit. I guess his brain needs to get used to the change in sound. I am amazed at how far these things have come from my grandma’s days.


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