Bunnies Everywhere!

I’m here on campus at the University of Victoria and there are bunnies everywhere, peppering the lawns. I have half a mind to scoop one up and bring it home with me but I doubt that would go over too well.

I’ve temporarily returned to university life to do a one week course on designing and installing museum exhibits. It’s proving as interesting as I had hoped and there are people here from all over Canada and even two from Madrid and Singapore.

After working on an assignment, I met up this evening with my friends Ron and Raji. They took me to a little restaurant out of town and on the ocean (can’t remember the name of the place). My salmon was very tasty, although I probably shouldn’t have had quite that much wine, since I’m feeling a bit unfocussed at the moment. That’s not good, since I’m supposed to be preparing for a telephone interview I need to do tomorrow morning with CBC Radio.

Before flying to Victoria last night, I got to spend the day with Lucca in Vancouver. As always, we had a good meal, a long (but not long enough) chat, found me some new red shoes, and generally just hung out. She’s joining me here on Wednesday night and staying on campus for a few days. Yeah!


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