A Blur

What a week! Not only has it been very busy at work, but the Rotary Music Festival started on Friday, so I’ve been preoccupied with that too. I had my first student play today…she did well in spite of the fact that she went away for a three week holiday and didn’t touch the piano that whole time. She and her dad are playing a tango tomorrow in the duet category – I love it when piano becomes a family affair. I actually teach three members of this family…maybe next year I can find a piece for six hands that they can play together.


2 thoughts on “A Blur

  1. My sister and I were just one grade apart in piano, so we played duets together for almost every festival when we were growing up. When we were younger, our teacher paired us up with another little girl (who happened to be Chinese) and one of my favourite festival memories is the three of us performing the “Chinese Doll Dance”. Just thinking about us three little Asian girls squeezed onto one piano bench playing that fun, silly little tune makes my heart sing.


  2. Too funny. I hope your parents got photos – I bet you were unbelievably cute! By the way, congratulations on your very good news. I am so happy for you. Have we ever met? You’d think that in this small town our paths would have crossed by now.


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