You Know You’ve Got Too Much On Your Plate When…

I did an awful thing today. This morning one of my youngest students was scheduled to perform at the music festival. Before I left home, I made sure I had my schedule with me and I double checked the time he was to play…10:35.

Then I got into work and all hell broke lose. The next thing I knew it was after 12 noon and it struck me like a sniper’s bullet that I had totally forgotten about my student. I felt sick to my stomach – how could I have done that?? He’s just a little guy and he was so nervous about playing on the big nine foot piano at the Arts Centre.

Tonight I went over to his house to apologize and to give him a bit of an ‘I’m sorry’ present. He and his family were so gracious about the whole thing. They even gave me a gift for preparing three of them for festival. I felt very undeserving after the morning’s events. On a positive note, his mom had captured his performance on video so I at least had a chance to watch it after the fact.

I have never done anything like this before and it is a wake-up call to me that I simply am trying to do too much. Work is too busy these days, my evenings are too full and it’s time to slow down. Why is balance so hard to achieve?

By the way, when I went to the movie theatre today to buy some movie passes for my piano student, the man who served me had what appeared to be psoriasis all over his arms and hands, face and neck, and through his scalp. The poor man – think how painful and itchy that must be. I wanted to ask him if he’d ever seen a naturopath, since I suspect it might have to do with his diet and a naturopath might well be able to help him. But of course you can’t just come out and say that to a stranger. I felt so sorry for him though. I’ve never seen such a severe case of it before. For the millionth time, I wished that I had the abilities of a healer. It’s strange – I feel like I should be able to heal by touch and am puzzled when I can’t. My friend Lucca would say that I’ve been a healer in another life, but who knows. It just seems unfair that in this life, I am unable to help people when they clearly need it.

One thought on “You Know You’ve Got Too Much On Your Plate When…

  1. One of life’s little moments, don’t you think? It reminds us that we are oh-so-human and keeps us humble. At least you have the grace to apologize. Maybe that family needed to feel a genuine apology from someone who is generally very responsible. Kids need to feel it to know how to do it themselves when they’re adults. This is officially the silver lining!


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