Wife Swap

There’s a show on TV called Wife Swap. It’s one of the more ridiculous reality shows (not that they’re not all pretty ridiculous!) that sees the wife/mother of one family changing places for a couple of weeks with the wife/mother of another family. Of course the producers choose people who are totally opposite of one another and sparks always fly over their divergent views and family values.

The other day I asked Iris and Jamie who they thought the producers would choose as my swap partner if I went on the show. Their answers were quite amusing. Jamie thought they’d select someone who was strongly pro-war, pro-confrontation and very aggressive. Iris figured it would be someone who would hate my nature table, ban my seasonal ceremonies and trash my prayer room. I think all my kids view me as an old hippie!

Now it’s your turn. Who would Wife Swap swap with you?


One thought on “Wife Swap

  1. For me they would have to choose someone who is ultra-conservative and very concerned about what other people think. And then the person would change my kitchen all around and put everything where they wanted it. The person would want to redecorate with colours I couldn’t live with when I came home, and clean the house with all sorts of noxious chemicals, including using ‘air fresheners’ – or, conversely, left the place filthy. Since I’m not raising kids and don’t have a partner, we’re creating a fictitious partner. So, there couldn’t be any conflicts around that. Come to think of it, they couldn’t swap me at all – unless they swapped my other Gemini twin!


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