More Than Ready

I’m taking a week and a half of holidays starting tomorrow and I couldn’t be more ready. I don’t recall work ever being as busy for such a prolonged period of time. Of course it will pile up while I’m away from the office, but that’s OK. After the break I’ll be able to cope with it all a bit better.

The exciting news is that my friend Lucca is coming for a visit! We haven’t made any real plans: next week I’ll have dance rehearsals every night so we won’t be able to get out of town. But it’s enough for me just to sit with her over multiple cups of tea or glasses of wine and catch up. There is something very grounding about being around life-long friends; there is a rich depth of understanding that can be the most comforting and comfortable thing in the world.

One thought on “More Than Ready

  1. Amen to that! I can’t wait for the cups of tea or glasses of wine, and the longer days. Hopefully the sun will shine and warm up the world a bit – at least that part of it. Living in Vancouver this winter, I am sun/light-starved! And I need, need, need a break.


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