A Week in the Life

Holy Hannah it’s been busy around our place lately! The kids have been keeping me hopping. Alan has been cramming for his music school audition, and the night before last we spent a fair bit of time working on it. I played a simple 12-bar blues chord progression on the piano while Alan improvised over the top of it on his guitar. It was quite fun playing with him. Then we moved on to some sight reading…he had to play a bossa with some tricky rhythms. Last night he recorded some of the audition on DVD and the rest he’ll do this week-end. Then it will just be a wait and see game.

Iris is really putting a push on to get her driver’s license. She’s still not comfortable with my standard transmission so we’ve been using Joe’s truck, which is an automatic (hope you don’t mind Joe!). She’s graduated to downtown driving and the next step is to start working on parallel parking. She is catching on fast though and hopefully she’ll have her license before she returns to university in the fall.

And Jamie has been involved in a play that his drama class has been working on all term. Iris and I went to see the performance last night: it was pretty entertaining. Jamie played one of the king’s sons and had to wear tights. They were VERY tight and he said to me afterwards that the whole time he just kept hoping he wouldn’t get ‘a boner’. Yes, that would have been rather embarrassing. His other little problem was that there was a rip in the seat of those tights, so the whole time he was on stage, he was moving carefully so as to not to show his backside. I couldn’t figure out why he was walking in such an odd manner….I only found out afterwards what the problem was.

Yup, just another typical week in the life of our household.


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