Almost All Set to Go

I’m trying to get everything under control for my trip to N.S. tomorrow. I’m meeting my two brothers there so that we can scatter our dad’s ashes on the farm. I have to say I’m not ready for this yet. He only died in October and it just feels too soon to be saying the final good-byes. But the plans are all made so I will do my part.

I also have the job of disposing of my parent’s furniture…again, not something I’m feeling ready to do. However I fear that the longer it stays stored in the garage, the bigger the chances are of it getting water damaged or ruined in some other way. Most of the furniture isn’t worth anything anyway but there are a number of antique pieces that should be taken care of. I still haven’t decided if I’m going to ship some of them back to the Yukon…the cost is rather prohibitive but I might just bite the bullet and do it anyway. I’d like to keep the dining room table and chairs (I have many good memories of meals around that table), my bedroom dresser, and a couple of other pieces. I think Roy will take the kitchen table and chairs and if no one else wants anything I hope to find a charity that can make use of the rest.

Apart from everything else, I hate to leave the Yukon right now because it’s prime gardening season. None of my kids are gardeners so I’m afraid my poor plants will not have a very happy week. Below is a photo of some of my greenhouse plants waiting patiently by the family room door to be let out. I have been promised the greenhouse will be built this week, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it will be all set up when I get back.


One thought on “Almost All Set to Go

  1. They look like patient dogs, ready to go out for a walk – or an army, waiting to be dispatched. What a great picture!


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