Catching Up

I’ve fallen a bit behind in my blogging, so bear with me while I get caught up. First, more about my trip to N.S. After all the ‘necessaries’ were dealt with regarding my father and his estate, I decided a trip to Annapolis Royal was in order. It’s my favourite town in the Annapolis Valley: great history, beautiful old buildings and good food (not a fast food chain in sight). It has one of the best stores I’ve seen for blue and white china, a particular weakness of mine. A trip to Annapolis Royal is not complete without a trip to Anna Gloria. Unfortunately it is closing: not sure where I’ll get my Blue Willow fix from now on.

This town has kid appeal too, in the form of a replica of a 1605 French trading post (Port Royal Habitation) and Fort Anne. When my own three were little, they particularly liked running down and rolling down the deep wide ditches that were constructed as a defensive measure.

The day I went, a Saturday, there was a farmers’ market going on. I feasted on delicious potato pancakes, bought some of the best tasting asparagus I’ve ever had, purchased a couple of gifts from the writer Geoff Butler, and finished it all off with a slice of almond torte. (I sure do write about food a lot, don’t I?)

I was also going to spend some time tonight telling you about the tragic tale of my greenhouse and new vegetable garden (and it is quite the story) but this post is getting a bit long in the tooth so I’ll save that for tomorrow. But before I close, see what I found growing in my old vegetable garden tonight? It’s a morel mushroom. I was all set to fry it up with dinner but sadly, the worms had gotten to it first.


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