My Ugly Greenhouse

I guess everyone has a claim to fame. Mine is that I am now the owner of the ugliest greenhouse in existence. I knew I shouldn’t have been away when I was having this work done, but I thought I had given the builder a detailed description of what I wanted. Obviously not. They built it with a shed roof. To me a shed roof is either an A framed roof or the type that is found on barns. Not to the contractor. To him…..well, why don’t I just post the photos. Then maybe someone can tell me if there’s anything that can be done to make it look any better. Joe, I hope you’re not going to be too upset.

The inside looks fine. The beds are fairly roomy and there’s enough room in the middle for a chair should I ever feel like reading a book in the warmth of a greenhouse. However look at the outside!!
The large L-shaped raised bed seen in the foreground is pretty ugly too, although I think I can soften the lines with hanging flowers. It’ll also look better when it’s full of vegetable plants. You can see I’ve started planting the first few rows. The greenhouse though, I just don’t know. I sent a note off to the builder this morning telling him how disappointed I am in the project. I waited so long to have a greenhouse, and now to see it looking like this just makes me feel sick.


3 thoughts on “My Ugly Greenhouse

  1. Oh God, I see what you mean. It would be one thing if you could see through the glass and the plants could soften the look, but it’s opaque. And it’s front and center. No ignoring it! The beds will definitely look better when they’re planted out but he didn’t bring an ounce of aesthetic sense to this project. Who would have thought? I could cry for you because I know what you had hoped for.


  2. I, also, see what you mean. Don’t be too disappointed, though. With a little bit of landscaping around the outside (especially with some not-straight, tiered flower beds built out of rock) and it’ll look fantastic.


  3. I honestly don’t think it looks horrible, but I don’t know what your original vision was. I DO think you need some kind of slanted roof, though. I’d worry about how much of a snow load that flat roof could take. The greenhouse we just dismantled had exposed joists (I mean, you could see them on the inside) which we found handy for storing poles, fall decorations (like a couple of scarecrows) and hanging things from.

    Good luck – let us know how things go. The main thing is that for now it’s functional and your plants have someplace to live!


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