A Day on Lebarge

Joe and I just got back from spending the day on Lake Lebarge with our friend Bernie. The boys fished while I stretched out in the bow under a down filled jacket (it was nippy!) enjoying the scenery and the sense of calm brought on by the rhythmic swells. Later it started to rain, but luckily our friend’s boat has cover, so we didn’t get wet. You can see how bundled up we were though…I had on a wool hat, gloves and five layers!!

Bernie’s dog Lubba.

Catch of the day…the only one the boys reeled in. Bernie had what he figured was a 20 pounder on his line but it got away before he could net it. Notice the trout’s head in this photo looks disproportionately large compared to its body. Bernie told us that happens when the fish isn’t finding enough food. Indeed, when he gutted the fish there was nothing in its stomach. I have no idea why that would be…another consequence of climate change perhaps?


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