Getting my Sexy Back

It’s summer dance camp time, and every night this week I’m taking an hour of can can dancing (a great aerobic workout) followed by an hour of sass (think the Pussycat Dolls with more class and a bit of burlesque thrown in). Both classes are all about attitude and using what the Creator gave all us women. For me, it’s a bit of an antidote to a lifetime of media messages that my hips and butt aren’t small enough, my boobs aren’t big enough, my skin isn’t smooth enough, my face isn’t pretty enough and my stomach isn’t flat enough.

You might think of me as just a rather frumpy looking middle-aged mother of three, but last night on the dance floor, I got my sexy back!


One thought on “Getting my Sexy Back

  1. Wheee, fun! Isn’t that the most wonderful, powerful feeling in the world? That’s how I feel when I’m singing and I know I’m nailing it… there’s nothing so beautiful as a woman in a moment like that!


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