Eat the View

There’s a move afoot in the United States to get the next president to grow vegetables on the lawn of the White House. You can learn more about it here, but the idea is to have the First Family grow enough food not only for themselves but for local food banks in Washington, D.C.

That got me thinking about our own situation here in the Yukon. There is quite a large patch of lawn at the back of the Yukon legislature…enough for an ample garden to feed quite a few people. Since a Yukon food bank is supposed to open its doors by the end of this year and work is underway to find a permanent youth shelter, there would certainly be a ‘market’ for the produce. I suspect there would be a number of Yukon government workers who would be willing to give up a portion of their lunch hours to plant, weed or water (it is after all theraputic work that could lead to more relaxed, satisfied employees) and the politicians could take turns tending the garden too. It could also be opened up to the general public to help out, including those who would benefit from receiving the food. It could help those most in need to learn a new skill and take some ownership for producing their own food. I think it would be a good thing on so many levels.

We happen to have a friend who is an MLA, so I put the bug in his ear last night when he came for dinner (a meal that was largely made up of food we had grown or gathered ourselves). If you’re reading this and are interested in working with me to make this happen, please drop me a note.


One thought on “Eat the View

  1. What a great idea! I was just reading the latest edition of the Edible Vancouver Magazine, about turning our backyards into mini-farms. They reference a book called, How to Grow More Vegetables *than you ever thought possible on less land than you can imagine by John Jeavons (2006) Ten Speed Press. Don’t know how this would work with your shorter growing season but the idea must be transportable.

    This is just the second edition of the magazine but I thinks it’s worth a read.


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