Lady MacBeth

The dirty deed is done.

After reading an article in What’s Up Yukon, I learned that in order to speed up the ripening of tomatoes, it’s good to prune back the plants. That way, the plant will devote its energy to developing and ripening the fruit it already has instead of working on producing more. Like the woman who wrote the article, I was full of trepidation about the whole thing. But I have tonnes of tomato flowers, not that much fruit, and not one as yet ripened tomato, so I decided that drastic action was called for.

So this morning, scissors in hand, I cut back my plants. They were so overgrown I could hardly get in the greenhouse. Now there will be much more air circulation and hopefully some tomatoes. But I still can’t help but feel a bit like Lady MacBeth, hands stained with tomato juice.


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