As I sit here writing this, I have just heard the happy pop of a canning lid sealing properly. There can’t be a more cheerful sound than that for home canners. The pop came from the high bush cranberry syrup that I have just made. This has capped a bit of an early morning marathon session of pickling the last of my baby carrots. It’s the first time in several years I’ve canned anything and I had forgotten how satisfying a feeling it can be. In typical farmer’s fashion, I am already dreaming of next year’s crop and what I’ll do to preserve it.


3 thoughts on “Pop!

  1. My mom showed me a very simple pickling recipe (no “canning” required) during her last visit. Mmm, I’ve got a craving for those pickled carrots now.

    Can I come over when you do canning next year? I’ve made jam before, but the whole process just seems so laborious, I’m sure I’m doing something wrong, and it would be fun to learn how you do other foods. 🙂


  2. Hi Fawn. The pickled carrots recipe I use doesn’t require processing either. And yes, you are more than welcome to join me next year. In the meantime, I’ll set aside a jar of these carrots for you. They won’t be ready for eating until Halloween so I’ll drop one by at your work around then. Kara, 18 quarts is a lot of carrots! I’m in awe. I only ended up with 9 half-litre jars but I was happy to have gotten that many. Hope you’re past the yucky stage of pregnancy soon.


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