Last Night’s Dream

The company I work for had just built a new hydro dam and was commissioning it. I was standing in a concrete structure just downstream from the dam. One half of the structure was a sloped area where the water would come after passing under the dam spillgates. The other half had a flat bottom but was of a lower elevation. As I stood there, the water slowly started to rise. I yelled at my co-workers to stop the water until I had a chance to get out but they told me it was too late; they couldn’t stop it. I looked around. If I went to the right, I knew the water from the spillgates would shoot me into the river and I would drown. However if I went to the left, I would also drown. There was a door on one of the concrete walls at the left, but I didn’t even try to open it because I knew it would be locked. I woke up still trying to decide how to get out of this mess.

Thinking about the dream, I realize that my escape was so obvious, yet I didn’t act on what was right before my eyes. I should have tried that door, because I’m sure it would have been unlocked and I could have gotten out of there no problem.

Co-incidentally (?) I have a phone meeting scheduled tonight with the tenants in the farmhouse to pitch an idea to them. I won’t go into all the details here, but if it works, it would allow me to keep the farm without drowning in debt and it would allow them to stay there for the long term, which they apparently want to do. I hope this is the ‘escape door’ in my dream. If not, there’s something else that’s staring me right in the face that I can’t yet see. Stay tuned.


2 thoughts on “Last Night’s Dream

  1. So many people have that door available to them and are afraid to try it to see if it’s unlocked. Everyone knows the quote “Nothing ventured nothing gained” but so few people use it in their own lives. I just tried another one of those doors this morning and it opened just enough for me to see a bright light (and I’m quite sure it’s not a locomotive headlight this time!). Try your door!


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