I am one of those people who is waffling about where to cast my vote in the upcoming election. My head is telling me one thing and my heart another. What I am sure of is that somewhere along the way, our politicians have taken a wrong turn. And I’m not slamming any particular party; this seems to be an across the board sickness at both the federal and provincial/territorial level.

Our politicians seem to have stopped being policy makers, choosing instead to focus all their time and effort on getting elected, or re-elected. They’re so scared to make a move that might upset someone that they don’t make a move at all.

What I want and expect from my politicians is that they put the public ahead of their job security. I want them to state in clear simple language their stand on various issues, why that is there stand, and make no apologies for it. I can then decide if this is a direction I feel comfortable with. What I can’t abide is to hear politicians making personal attacks on other parties or individuals, or not being upfront with me about where they stand. We teach our kids to be honest, forthright and respectful of others. I don’t think it’s too much to ask our politicians to be the same.

I remember an incident that happened years ago, when Tony Penikett was Premier and Dan Lang was in Opposition here in the Yukon. I don’t recall what they were debating, but it turned into a playground fight with Tony calling Dan short and Dan calling Tony fat. It was not their finest hour. And this sort of thing goes on all the time during Question Period, although perhaps not to such extremes.

So whatever party ends up being elected, I would ask that they forget about all the extraneous clutter and just do their job with honesty and integrity. If they do that, they’ll have my respect no matter what their leanings.


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