Last Night’s Dream and Where it Led My Thoughts

First of all, Happy Thanksgiving everyone. May you have a day filled with good times, joy and gratitude.

Last night’s dream was in some ways about joy and gratitude. I was young again – in my 20s I’m guessing – and it was my wedding day. I wasn’t marrying Joe however. In fact he was nowhere to be seen (sorry, dear). I was marrying my very first highschool sweetheart. It was a simple ceremony, although with many friends in attendance. I got the sense that it was during a ‘lean’ time economically: the women’s dresses, although neat and clean, were clearly several years old and looked rather frayed and worn. Also, there was no fancy honeymoon. There wasn’t a honeymoon at all. After the ceremony Rob and I went to our new home, and that was that. One of the first things he did was put up a mailbox and a hanger for our house keys. However I remember standing there with my arms around him and my head buried into his neck, feeling absolute and total joy.

I woke up trying to hold on to that feeling as long as possible, because it was so wonderful. Then I started picking apart the dream. I don’t think the wedding itself was the important thing (no offence to Rob). Perhaps my mind chose a wedding because they are happy occasions. And why Rob? Maybe because that takes me back to my ‘roots’. What I think was important was the fact that the wedding was a simple affair, leading to a simple life, but a life that was incredibly fulfilling.

It seems to fit with two apparently small incidents that happened yesterday. One, I was surfing the internet and came across this blog and after spending way too much time reading it, I thought to myself, “This is how I want to live.” Second, we went to Thanksgiving dinner at our friend’s house last night, where I met a couple that has a huge vegetable garden and a llama of all things. I’m not so interested in the llama, but as they talked about their garden and their land I recognized that I am my father’s daughter. I am a farmer at heart. Maybe he saw that in me and that’s why he left me, the youngest, the main part of the farm instead of my older brothers.

In any event, I now realize that at some point in my life, I am going to have to farm. It won’t be a large operation and it won’t be any time soon. Certainly Joe has no such aspirations…I think he believes even my desire to have chickens is a bit off the wall given where we live. But the lion has awoken, and its roar will be difficult to ignore.


2 thoughts on “Last Night’s Dream and Where it Led My Thoughts

  1. We may all have to go back to the land if our economy continues on this bent. Maybe you’ll be a gentlewoman farmer when you retire. My sister-in-law’s father is doing that, right down to the milking cow and the chickens. Then I can come to the farm on eco-vacations and help with the canning and pie-making. Notice I’m not volunteering for the weeding!


  2. Lucca,

    I decided to have a farm because of the way the economy was going in the 70’s – although I had to wait for almost 20 years to live my dream.

    If you feel that farming – or even just keeping a few chickens and growing some food – is what you want to do, then start planning now and get yourself into a position where it can become a reality.

    Lucky you to have such vivid dreams and to remember them! 🙂


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