The Aliens Did It!

I certainly don’t mean this blog to turn into a dream journal, but I do have to share a dream I had last night…for entertainment value if nothing else, and to try to break tensions just a tad. It’s been a pretty stressful week, with several power outages. Understandably, the public is frustrated and angry, and I have had verbal abuse, a death threat, and a reporter accusing me of lying to him. It was the lying accusation that upset me the most. Just for the record, I don’t lie.

One of the outages, on Monday, remains a mystery as to its cause. Neither electrical company in the territory can find anything that points to a problem. After last night’s dream, I can announce that THE ALIENS DID IT!

In the dream, I was working in the diesel plant in Whitehorse in the middle of the night. All of a sudden a tall man with brown paint on his face broke in. I thought I was witnessing a robbery and fumbled in my pocket to find my cell phone so I could call 911. I couldn’t find it. Before I knew it, the entire plant was filled with people, working away with quiet intensity. I continued to search for my cell phone, but could only find devices in my pocket that only looked remotely like any cell phone I had ever seen.

I started talking to some of the people in the room, and as I did, the plant disappeared, and in its place was a beautifully built village. All the homes were powered with water, but using a much more highly advanced system than exists on earth today. They tried to explain to me how it worked, but I didn’t understand the concepts.

Then my HR director appeared and when she smiled at me, I saw that her teeth were glowing. It was then that I realized she was an alien, as were all the other people in the room. I asked her if anyone else at work knew about this, and she said many employees knew…in fact I was one of the last to know. It was then that I woke up.

Now I don’t know what the time difference is between here and Shanghai, but at some point on the 14th this video was posted on YouTube. And I heard there were power outages on the Thanksgiving week-end in B.C. and in parts of the U.S. too.

So there you have it. The aliens did it. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it 😉


3 thoughts on “The Aliens Did It!

  1. Ooh, sorry to hear about the abuse. People take things so personally.

    I must admit, when the power went out on both Sunday AND Monday, I thought, man, there’s gotta be some really pissed off people today. But death threats? Goodness, when is that ever acceptable?

    My dad was the regional manager for the NWT Power Corporation when we lived in Iqaluit. Isn’t it great how people can call your home to complain when you live in a small town? 😛

    Darn aliens. If they wanted to help, they shouldn’t be taking out the power while they’re at it.


  2. Totally the aliens, I buy it. Next time tell the crazy customers that.

    Death threats! Geez, lighten up people. Or did the power go off for 2 weeks or something?!?!?!

    I should share my dreams, hoo boy there have been some doozies lately – glad to hear I’m not the only one!


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