The Three Nuns at Bombay Peggy’s

I have been wanting to stay at Bombay Peggy’s in Dawson City ever since it opened several years ago. Bombay Peggy’s is a former brothel turned inn. You can read all about its history on its web site. The inn has always been too pricey for me during my summer trips North. However since it’s low season, it is now quite affordable, and so I chose to stay there last night while in Dawson for work.

I stayed in the Lipstick Room, pictured below. Before going out to dinner, I enjoyed port in the parlour, and after my meeting I relaxed in the very elegant and large clawfoot tub while reading about the former Madam and bootlegger Margaret Vera Dorval, better known as Bombay Peggy. However as I pondered what life must have been like for Peg, I looked up to find three very stern looking nuns staring out at me from a picture hanging on the bathroom wall. There was no information given about who these women were or where the photo was taken. The image was both disturbing and quite powerful. It made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. How ironic to have such a picture in an old whore house!

The Lipstick Room
The Lipstick Room
Sherry and port is served every afternoon in the parlour.
Sherry and port is served every afternoon in the parlour.

2 thoughts on “The Three Nuns at Bombay Peggy’s

  1. We went into a brothel when we visited Pompeii in Italy… but it’s hard to compare stone beds and pillows to wine-coloured walls and Oriental rugs. 😉 What a beautiful place!


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