Controlling Our Food

It’s a snowy Sunday and once again I’m spending much of it in the kitchen. I’ve roasted a chicken and stashed the meat away in the fridge for meals later in the week, made chicken soup out of the carcass (to be frozen for another time), made a big pot of veggie fried rice, and Joe is roasting some caribou ribs to go with the rice for dinner tonight.

Ironically, while I was cooking all this I was watching a video about Monsanto called “Controlling Our Food”. I tried to add the link to this posting, but all of a sudden my link function won’t work. It almost makes a person wonder if it’s a Monsanto plot! In any case, I will write out the link (see below), as it’s an important film.

Do take two hours out of your life to watch it and if you are so moved, share it with others.

As I look at the food I prepared today, I wonder how many of the ingredients are transgenic. Not the chicken or caribou, since they’re both local and organic. And probably not the veggies. But the rice? More than likely. And the corn starch I used to thicken my soup? I’m guessing yes.  But I can only guess because Canada doesn’t require that all genetically altered foods be labled as such. If you want to know more about the situation in Canada, go here:

All of a sudden I don’t seem to have much of an appetite.


2 thoughts on “Controlling Our Food

  1. I’m pretty sure that if a product is labeled organic in Canada, it can’t be transgenic. So if your rice was organic you’re most likely fine. I bet cornstarch is made with transgenic corn though.


  2. What you’re saying is so important. I try my best to read all the labels and have found the same thing you have; that it isn’t required by law to label not only whether something has been genetically modified but there are also some other ingredients that the food producers don’t have to identify. I haven’t found a list of which ones – yet. I find I have to take my glasses when I go shopping because the writing on the labels is so small and difficult to decipher. I’ve watched the film you’re referring to and I too recommend it. I’ll have a look at your second link and see what I can learn there. Thanks for hunting them down.


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