Another “It’s a Small World” Story

Several days ago, I wrote about my search for the Prince Albert potato. I must tell you what has happened since then. While doing my morning meditation two days ago, I sent a message to my dad asking him to help me find this potato that had seemingly disappeared off the face of the earth. I told him that if I had a chance to grow this potato, it would be a way of honouring him. But I said I needed him to work some magic to make that happen.

The very next day I got an email from a man who is involved in the organization Seeds of Diversity. Someone had forwarded my query to him because he is a bit of a potato trivia expert. Well, it turns out he had received some potatoes from a woman here in Whitehorse some time back that he thought matched my description of the Prince Albert. This woman’s husband was from N.S. and had brought them to the Yukon about 50 years ago. She had apparently heard Potato Trivia Guy on CBC Radio talking about purple potatoes and thought he might be interested in seeing hers, so she sent him some.

I contacted the woman (who I happen to know) and yes indeed, she has potatoes that sound exactly like the kind my dad grew. She says she never knew their proper name – in her family they’d always called them Pugh’s Purples for lack of a better term (Pugh being her last name). It turns out she has shared her potatoes with a few farmers in the Yukon and some have been on display at our annual fall fairs. Funny that I never stumbled upon them before, but then again, I wasn’t looking until this year. She says she’ll be happy to give me some seed potato in the spring. 

How ironic! Here I spent months looking all across Canada for these potatoes, and they were right under my nose the whole time.

Oh, and there’s another twist to this story. Potato Trivia Guy, who currently lives in Ontario, once lived in my hometown of Kentville, N.S. How cool is that?!


5 thoughts on “Another “It’s a Small World” Story

  1. That’s absolutely fabulous! I can’t wait to see pictures of them next fall. 😉

    This reminds me that I never responded to your “small world” post about having met Roy and Susan, which is something that totally blew my mind at the time, too. Thanks for being so conscientious about not saying who I was, though if we ever have any such weird connection again, I don’t mind at all. 🙂

    Thanks again for tracking down the coconut oil and whipping cream (we’ll have to see if Riverside will do a “standing order” of cream for us!) and for your generosity. Next time I will really have to insist on paying, though, or you won’t be allowed to do any more favours. 😉 Oh, and Jade had a FIELD DAY with the stickers. I think I’m going to have to dole them out a little slower because everything got covered in them!


  2. That’s an exciting turn of events. A few years ago I found some locally grown purple potatoes (maybe they were pugh descendants!) at superstore of all places. I tracked down some purple seed potatoes at dominion seed house in ontario and tried them out this year. Think they were called royal blues or something similar – probably not as rare a varietal as your prince albert’s – but they did make for interesting thanksgiving mashed potatoes. healthy too as they’re supposed to have the same anti-oxidant properties as blueberries.


  3. Hummm…Steve at the Yukon Grain Farm, up the Mayo Rd has just awesome purple potatoes! Makes me wonder if they’re the same as your Prince Albert’s ?? Could there be other types of Purple potatoes?? I just know that they are really very pretty & just as yummy! You’ve got me thinking it’s time for a visit to Yukon Grain Farm…heck, just last night, for the first time, I fed potatoes to my twins & turns out they LOVE potatoes!! In fact Sarah wouldn’t eat anything else…
    You should checkout Steve’s taters too…might be interesting…


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