Food Fantasy

In spite of my almost 50 years on this earth, I have never once engaged in so called ‘Michelin-starred’ dining. Don’t get me wrong – I have had some amazing meals. But what I’m talking about here are those multiple-course tiny morsels of edible art prepared by some world class chef; those meals that span an entire evening and require taking out a second mortgage once the bill arrives.

I guess the frugal Scot in me just can’t justify spending several hundred dollars on one meal when so many people are literally starving. However that is not to say that I haven’t been intrigued by such menus or fantasized about such an evening out. Take this description of a food writer’s visit to one of Great Britain’s most highly regarded restaurants. Wouldn’t it be fun, just one time, to be served a meal from there?

What is your most memorable meal, haute cuisine or otherwise?


2 thoughts on “Food Fantasy

  1. One of my most memorable meals was the one at a Milanese restaurant when I was running a training session in Montreal – the one where the waiter later referred to me as the woman who ate two dinners. I had asked for a recommendation from a co-worker. As it turned out, it was a great recommendation. I also asked him to suggest what I should order. So I that’s what I ordered. It was indeed enough food for two, and I only ate half of the portions – but WOW, was it good! I didn’t have to chop off an arm to pay for it and I was on an expense account. I would have paid however. It was memorable – ambiance and food together.

    Another one was when I was in Barbados and the flight was delayed by so long that we were put up in a hotel – the hotel that you might have seen in Chanel commercials, where the water seems to go off the edge of a cliff and there are huge, while pillars. We had been upgraded into first class and so got the ‘first class’ meals and accommodation. We ate outside, under the stars, in a gazebo, with filmy curtains blowing in the tropical breeze. I ate fresh shrimp in a curry sauce with a salad. The waiters were in ‘monkey suits’. I think the setting was as spectacular as the food.


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