A Little Snapshot of Yesterday

Accomplishment: making it through, for the first time, the entire ‘faruka’ dance that I’m learning in flamenco class.

Pleasant surprize: stepping on the scale to discover I’ve lost 13 pounds since Halloween.

Feeling of satisfaction: having a house full – all three of my kids are now home for the holidays.

Moment of excitement: learning that my brother’s new CD is out and a copy is in the mail for me, and learning that my oldest son’s CD release party is Dec. 29th. I heard a sneak preview of some of the tracks but I’m not allowed to share them with you until after the 29th.

‘Who would have thought’ moment: finding out that my daughter has spent time at the library over the last two days reading French books, because she misses learning French.  AND finding out that she’s writing a children’s book.

Frugal Finds: several clear glass plates I picked up from a consignment store for pennies each. They’ll be used to hold the Christmas cookies I plan to give away as holidays gifts.

What I’m reading: Barbara Kingsolver’s Prodigal Summer.

Frustrations: that I haven’t yet found time to put up the Christms tree and that it’s so COLD here right now!


One thought on “A Little Snapshot of Yesterday

  1. Congrats on your ‘faruka’ accomplishment. The world is a wondrous place, isn’t it? I always feel that way at this time of year. And, for once, it’s cold down here in Vancouver also. Not like where you are but it’s all relative!


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