Sweet Landmines

goodiesThese past few days, my work has definitely been hazardous to my health! A trip to the first floor meeting room reveals a spread of various gourmet cheeses, crackers, Purdy’s chocolates and Tim Horton’s donuts. Head up to the second floor board room, and you’ll find a table laden with meats and cheeses, breads, cookies, squares and fruit. A trip down the hall to the lunch room leads to bowls of spiced nuts, bits and bites, more chocolates, various plates of gingerbread, Nanaimo bars and other temptations. Go to the front desk and what do I find? MORE chocolate.

I have been dodging landmines all week, resolutely sticking to my chicken-barley soup, fruit and low-fat cottage cheese. And I almost made it out safely. However just a few minutes ago a rum ball jumped off the plate and into my mouth.  I am a fallen soldier.


3 thoughts on “Sweet Landmines

  1. LOL – I was attacked by cookies this week. They kept attaching themselves to my hand and the only way to keep them from attacking someone else was to eat them. Fast. I think I’m in line for a medal.


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