Puttering Around

I had one of those puttering around days, not doing anything of significance but getting some little things taken care of that had been niggling at me. I returned a library book, paid late fees on some games we’d rented from a movie store some time ago (our family is notoriously bad for late fees: something I must try to address in 2009). I also did some purging: I took some dishes, pots, etc. to a consignment store. I gathered together a bag of clothes for the Sally Ann and a second pile of almost new clothes (now all too big for me) for another consignment store. Except for the late fees, it was a pretty frugal day.

I also learned how to make vanilla extract. It is notoriously expensive, but I now know it’s very easy to make. Here’s how:

6 vanilla beans/pods
2 cups vodka (or use rum or brandy if you prefer)

Split the pods, put them in the booze, close the jar, set in a dark cupboard for at least eight weeks, and voila!

Oh, and today’s turkey left-overs? Turkey and cheese quesadillas. Yes, I’m starting to get tired of turkey. That’s why I now have four large bags of turkey meat tucked away in the freezer for when I can face it again!!


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