New Year’s Rituals

For much of my life, I have professed that New Year’s Eve has no real meaning for me. I haven’t been one to make New Year’s resolutions and New Year’s Eve parties leave me feeling rather empty. But it would be untruthful to say that I don’t mark this day, because – as I was reminded yesterday – I mark it in all kinds of ways. For starters, any debts I owe must be paid off before midnight on New Year’s Eve. Yesterday, even though a plumbing business was closed, I tracked down one of the owners and met her so that I could pay an over-due bill.

I also must return anything I’ve borrowed (apart from the library books and movies that aren’t yet due back). I was rather agitated to discover last night that I still have in my possession two movies that neighbours loaned me months ago. I will return those today and hope I haven’t jinxed myself and any good fortune that was earmarked for me in 2009.

AND, I must have a clean kitchen; especially a clean kitchen floor. A cursary swipe with a mop won’t do the trick either…I’m talking about a ‘down on my hands and knees’ scrubbing session. If you’d dropped by at about 8 o’clock last night that’s what you would have found me doing. That was AFTER I made perogies from scratch. For some reason dinner had to be perogies, even though I think I’ve only made them once before in my whole life. It sounds strange, but I felt driven by some force outside myself to make those dumplings.

I did take some time out of my domestic duties to watch a movie with Joe (the ever so creepy No Country for Old Men) and to finish reading a book, but all in all it was my superstitions/rituals that saw 2008 out the door.


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