Say a Little Prayer for Me

Each year, my friend Lucca and I follow a tradition of exchanging tiny gifts that go in 12 tiny booties, one to be opened on each of the 12 Days of Christmas until Old Christmas Day (Jan. 6th). My gift to her this time is a jigsaw puzzle of herself…each day she opens a few pieces of the puzzle. I did the same for my friend Ted.


Lucca’s gift to me, as far as I’ve been able to piece together so far, is a set of prayer beads, along with a wealth of information about prayer in its many forms. She knows full well that while I’m not a religious person per se, I do believe strongly in the power and benefits of prayer. So I thought it fitting today to post a Sanskrit prayer that, for years, was taped to my work computer where I would see it every day.

Look to this day for it is life,
the very best of life;
in its brief course lie
all the realities and truth of existence;
the joy of growth…
the splendor of action…
the glory of power…
for yesterday is a memory,
and tomorrow is but a vision;
and today well lived
makes every yesterday
a memory of happiness,
and every tomorrow a vision of hope:
look well, therefore, to this day.

It would do me well to remember this today, as we continue a cold snap here in the Yukon that is making me one very cranky gal!