What a Mess

Iris was interviewed by CBC Radio today about the strike at York, and the fact that she’s been away from classes for 11 weeks now. Later in the program, they talked to two other Yukon students, who are also in York’s dance program.

All three of these young women have pretty much given up on their year and on York.  They are all questioning what they should do now.

Iris has applied to a number of schools in the Vancouver area for the fall, both in dance and in criminology, and she’s planning to look for work in Toronto in the meantime.  No matter what, I don’t think she’ll go back to York for Term Two. They’re talking about extending that term into the summer, but if she has to go to school in the summer she’s lost all opportunity to work and earn money for the fall. It all seems so unfair.

As a part-time faculty member, my brother is one of those on strike. However he doesn’t agree at all with the stance taken by the union and particularly by the the teaching assistants. It’s a real mess all round.


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