Plotting my Plot

Photo from Vesey's Seed Catalogue
Photo credit: Vesey's Seeds

It’s around this time of year that I typically decide winter can go away now. However recognizing that there is no chance of that happening any time soon, I have resorted to my usual February coping mechanism…I ordered my vegetable seeds yesterday.

I’ve made some changes this year: for instance I have added more heritage varieties (hard to pass up with names like Drunken Woman, Chicken Claw, Sweet Cholocate, and Yukoslavian Finger Fruit). I’ve ordered some purple carrots for the first time, and I’m experimenting with some different types of potatoes too (has anyone ever grown Irish Cobblers?). I’ve also decided to try growing corn. Typically corn doesn’t do well here, but I’m going to plant a couple of short rows on the south side of my greenhouse, in hopes that the reflecting sun will create a bit of a micro-climate. Some people have tried growing corn inside their greenhouses, with not much success. That’s because corn needs wind to pollinate. For that same reason, you need more than just one row of corn. Anyway, we’ll give the Binger method a shot and see what happens.


2 thoughts on “Plotting my Plot

  1. I was just saying to Michael the other day that it’s weird we don’t see more purple carrots, since this was apparently their original colour.

    Can you not hand-pollinate corn in the absence of wind? We grew some in Fort Liard (in a 4’x4′ ish plot so they could be wind-pollinated) and we got some baby corn out of them before the frost took them! LOL

    Do you order your seeds from Vesey’s? Maybe I should get some seeds too so that HAVE to finish the greenhouse!


  2. I order a lot of my seeds from Vesey’s but this year I ordered most of my heritage seeds from a company in Manitoba called Heritage Harvest Seed. I’ve never used them before so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

    Apparently you can hand pollinate corn by tickling each tassle, but I’m told wind works the best. I’ll let you know how they turn out. And good luck with that greenhouse…with everything else going on in your life I have huge admiration for you that you’re even attempting that project!!


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