So Much to Learn

wine-glass-pourBoy do I have a lot to learn about wine! Tonight’s choice was a shiraz from the south of France, from the Tortoise Creek winery. I’ve been testing myself…trying on my own to identify the ‘nose’ and taste; then checking the web site and my Opimian tasting notes to find out what I should be smelling/tasting that I’m not.

OK, so I did smell fruit jam and after several attempts I detected smoke. I also smelled bread dough (neither of the tasting notes mention dough). But truffles? I don’t even know what truffles smell like. And bramble? What’s that supposed to smell like?

Then it was on to taste. I could taste fruit, coffee, chocolate, soft tannins and pepper. But I also tasted a number of things I had no words to describe.

So here’s the question for all you wine experts out there…how am I supposed to learn to put into words what I’m smelling and tasting? Apart from chowing down on bits of oak, bramble, grass, dirt, etc. how am I supposed to learn to identify these flavours in a glass of wine?

I’m pretty much starting from ground zero here, so bring on the advice. Meanwhile, I’ll just have another glass of Tortoise Creek shiraz, which I’m quite enjoying, despite my inability to unlock all its secrets.


2 thoughts on “So Much to Learn

  1. I’d say you’re doing mighty well for a neophyte! Bramble is a berry in the UK, similar to a blackberry. Truffles smell vaguely pungent, like a mushroom. They’re using fancy words because they have to differentiate amongst a great number of subtleties. If you’re smelling bread dough, it could be yeast, which is used in the fermentation process. You see? You’re not doing so badly! You’re developing a ‘nose’. Wish I could be there but with descriptions like that, I almost feel like I am.


  2. Sounds like you are enjoying your new challange. Don’t let it frustrate you. Let it grow on you. After all there is no point in solving every mystery overnight. Make each attempt a new journey, the same as if you were watching a movie, or reading a book and trying to discover the plot.

    Cheers for now.


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