Your Favourite Gear?

A week or two ago, I wrote about being overwhelmed by the choices for outdoor gear. Since then I’ve been doing lots of reading and research, and while I may not be a whole lot closer to understanding all this stuff, I’m at least starting to narrow my search. 

My latest quest has been for an ultralight backpack. The Gossamer Gear packs get good reviews. One woman who has walked the Camino twice uses the Murmur, which is the lightest bag I’ve ever come across. I question its durability, although she apparently hasn’t had any trouble. Have any of you had experience with the Gossamer bags, and if so what is your assessment? On a related note, what is your favourite piece of lightweight hiking gear and why?

I’m hoping to get all the major stuff by early summer, since I would like to do the Chilkoot Trail this year with a friend. I haven’t hiked the Chilkoot since before my kids were born, so I figure it’s time to give it another go, plus it’s an ideal way of testing the gear for my trip to Spain.

I did recently order some hiking clothing from Mountain Equipment Co-op. Unfortunately (or fortunately), I had to send most of it back because it was too big. I’m still trying to figure out my new clothing size!


One thought on “Your Favourite Gear?

  1. When it comes to packs, I think it’s best to be able to try them on first hand. They do make women’s packs (smaller frame, more proportioned), which I find makes a difference. I would go for comfort first. Weight depends much more on what you put in your pack than how much the pack itself weighs. Unless you’re climbing mountains and then weight really does matter, I think ultralight weight gear is overrated and just another selling tactic. Most backpackers don’t benefit from it. I’d also be concerned that these types of packs skimp on padding, which is really important on long hikes.


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