The Week in Review

It’s been a crazy one.  Not only did I have a training course for two days and a Utility Board hearing to attend for two days…it was also dance performance week.  That meant in addition to regular Monday and Wednesday night classes I also had a tech rehearsal on Tuesday night, a dress rehearsal on Thursday night, and performances on Friday and Saturday night. And as a warm up to Friday night’s performance, I decided to take a new Latin dance class after work and then on a whim I stayed for an hour of yoga.

Yes, I know…pretty silly. But my reasoning was that I’d be all stretched and loose for the dance show. And I was. What I didn’t take into account though is that any kind of new dance style inevitably means using new muscles. In the case of Latin dancing it’s all about the hips and core, and so when I woke up yesterday morning my lower back let me know in no uncertain terms that it wasn’t happy with me!  And while I did do a warm-up for last night’s show, obviously it wasn’t enough because in the middle of my flamenco dance I felt something ‘give’. It only got worse after I went back on stage to do my modern dance. So I’m spending Mother’s Day hobbling around. Luckily the boys (Jamie and Alan) are making me dinner so I don’t have to do much today if I don’t want to. Except…..

…there’s more dancing on the schedule! Tonight I’m supposed to start 10 days of tango classes. I’m trying to make deals with my back because these teachers have come all the way from Argentina and I really don’t want to miss out on this chance to learn from them.  Today will tell the tale of just how accommodating my back actually is.

On another matter, I have been doing a little digging around in my garden. It’s pretty encouraging to see that the rhubarb, chives and many perennial flowers are coming up.  My seed potatoes are already growing multiple whiskers so I hope I’ll be able to get them in the ground within the next couple of weeks.


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