Calories In; Calories Out

The title of this posting pretty much sums up my week-end. In terms of calories in, we spent last night at a friend’s house enjoying a delicious salmon dinner. Tonight, dinner was at a neighbour’s house…we have many good cooks in our circle of friends and our neighbour Linda is one of them. She’s an artist (painter and potter) but her creativity also extends to the kitchen. The results are always yummy!

Calories out: we did pretty much what a lot of other Canadians were doing on this long week-end: yardwork. We raked leaves and dead grass, got a truck load of nicely composted horse manure which we spread on the flower beds (the vegetable gardens got their annual feed last fall), and did some weeding and digging about in the soil. Tomorrow I am sorely tempted to plant some seeds, but we’ll see what my intuition is telling me…last week’s dump of snow proves the fickleness of Spring.

Also on the ‘calories out’ list, we just got back from a walk along the trails behind our house with Linda and her dog. In spite of Environment Canada’s forecasts of rain and snow for the week-end, it’s actually been quite lovely. Tomorrow? More garden work and possible a hike up Haeckel Hill. I figure it’s time I started training for the Chilkoot Trail.

I realize it’s been ages since I’ve posted photos, so I’ll try to rectify that very soon. I still haven’t purchase a new camera though so don’t expect miracles in terms of the pictures.

I hope you are all having a great long week-end. Happy Birthday to my brother Gary!

One thought on “Calories In; Calories Out

  1. Sounds like a wonderful weekend to me. Hope you have a great hike today. I’ll be thinking of you. It’s proper spring down here. We’ve just had the last of the lilac this week and the peony outside my door, that always has three single blooms, has busted out and done the three for this year. The colour is fabulous.


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